Kauai Behavioral
Matthew M. Barrett, MD

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new patients.
  1. Depression
    Experienced in motivational interviewing for mildly depressed to severe, treatment-refractory illness. Medication options and behavioral changes to have long-lasting impact.
  2. Anxiety
    We are experienced in treating daily worrying, generalized anxiety, social anxiety and full-blown panic disorder.
  3. PTSD
    Medication options for ongoing symptoms. Experienced with combat, childhood, and sexual-related traumas. Provide help for chronic nightmares.
  4. ADHD
    Evaluation, treatment and maintenance.
  5. Addiction
    Outpatient detoxification, benzodiazepine tapers. Suboxone clinic in planning stages for later this year.
  6. Sleep Problems
    Help with poor sleep hygiene and chronic insomnia.
  7. Psychosis
    Experienced with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders.
  8. Bipolar Illness
    Maintenance of mood stabilizers and evaluations to determine genuine illness vs. personality traits and disorders.